According to the en.people website, researchers from the Institute for Global Health in Barcelona (ISGlobal) who conducted this study, in a report on this study, stated that the mental health of individuals is simultaneously attacked by several mechanisms and take immediate action. It is essential in this regard.

They stressed that the cost of the global economy, combined with mental health problems, has reached $ 1 trillion a year, with 85% of people with mental disorders unable to seek treatment in poor middle-income countries, leading to an “unprecedented global crisis.” ┬╗Becomes.

“Covid-19 pandemic has affected people’s health as well as personal goals, family dynamics, their role in work and their economic stability,” they explained.

Other contributing factors to the crisis include changes in family roles, domestic violence, isolation, loneliness, grief over the loss of family or friends, general anxiety, burnout, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Trauma) noted.

This study also showed that in 30 to 60% of patients with coronary artery, their central and peripheral nervous system is affected, which leads to various problems.

Delusions are the most common and acute neuropsychiatric syndrome that patients with Covid-19 suffer from, leading to depression and anxiety; Depression and fatigue are longer situations.

Researchers at the World Health Organization in Barcelona have called for social support solutions to address the problems of unemployment, the unexpected loss of loved ones, loneliness and isolation, by guaranteeing basic services and providing social services to help families in need.

Source : irna

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