Mikhail Ulyanov posted a message on Twitter, adding that the next meeting of the Borjam Joint Commission will be held next week to maintain a positive atmosphere.

The second meeting of the 18th session of the Joint Commission, which resumed in Vienna on Tuesday, was held today (Friday) in the presence of political directors and deputy foreign ministers of four plus one countries.

Presenting the report of technical consultations held in the meetings of the “lifting of sanctions” and “nuclear” expert groups was the most important agenda of this meeting.

The representatives of the European Union, as the coordinators of the expert meetings, reported the results of the consultations of the experts of Iran and the 4 + 1 countries to the members of the Joint Commission.

Seyed Abbas Araghchi, the head of our delegation, while emphasizing the will of the Islamic Republic of Iran to continue serious interactions, said that this depends on observing the political will and seriousness of the other parties, otherwise there will be no reason to continue negotiations. .

Al-Araqchi reiterated that the lifting of all US sanctions imposed during the previous presidency was a necessary step to revive the UN Security Council. Only after verification of the lifting of these sanctions, Iran is ready to suspend its compensatory measures and fully implement them. Barjam returns.

At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that the next meeting of the Commission at the level of deputies will be held next Wednesday in Vienna, and immediately in the framework of expert groups, technical and specialized consultations to prepare and present a list of actions to be taken by all parties. The area of ​​lifting sanctions and nuclear measures to revive the UN Security Council should continue.

It is worth mentioning that our delegation at the Vienna Summit, during the past four days, held continuous consultations with the participating countries (three European countries, China and Russia) and with Mr. Enrique Mora, Coordinator of the EU Joint Commission, bilaterally and multilaterally. He did not have the United States in any of them.

Source : Irna

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