War is unacceptable anywhere in the world. Maybe there is no bomb on us today, but seeing motherly cries for a lost child and such scenes shakes our souls. Is the world in the right place? So where in this world is the soul of humanity? Weren’t all this technology and science supposed to be used to defend human beings against injustice? On top of no yes no In my opinion, the beliefs of governments and officials have never been and will never be in line with humanity and the great human spirit, because they, contrary to human positions, only think of their own benefit. The profit that makes one day put brotherhood in front of brotherhood. Today, we see once again that all human standards have been violated and two lines are facing each other, and what do we do? Just writing and chanting? Apart from the heart that beats with people and for people moment by moment, today I looked at these events with a little thought and evaluated the medium and long term effects of these events. Well, I am an economist, not a politician and our attitude to any issue. It is our view of the world. Leaving aside the human aspects of this war, the economic aspects will be much heavier and will have a negative impact not on the two countries but on the whole world. It was only a short time after the Corona pandemic that we breathed a sigh of relief, when a new crisis arose in the world. Now let’s think a little about this crisis. Russia, as one of the world’s economic giants, has grown significantly in recent years, and the economies of the Eastern and Western European blocs have grown in the wisdom of this world peace, with Russia accounting for 49% of Europe’s gas supply. The basis for supplying raw materials to the industrialized countries of Europe, or rather the most industrialized country in Europe, has been Germany. In some other countries, the numbers are so high that Finland imports 94% of its gas imports from Russia. Now consider the crises of this war. The psychological impact of the war on prices was less than a week after the conflict began, with oil prices hovering above $ 100 and the rest of us commodities rising. Given that the oil market is a global market and has the ability to supply oil from other countries, but the European gas market by 2024, according to experts, will not be able to replace gas exports from Russia, which means for at least 2 years. , Day and night, it is possible to create an overnight inflation by deciding a crazy politician by closing the gas transmission valves to Europe !!! In just a few weeks since the crisis began, the psychological impact of the war has been so great that in some parts of Europe, people have begun to buy wood so that they can meet their needs if gas is supplied to them. . It was the first wave of rising prices in the steel market, which experienced unprecedented inflation growth last week, and one after another we will see a wave of uncontrolled growth of prices in European industries. In this turbulent market, the only country that will benefit is the United States, albeit for a short time, because the support of the two countries, which is gold, is declining due to these sanctions and the crisis, and the US dollar is experiencing an upward trend. But in the long run, perhaps in the next few months, due to rising gas prices and banking sanctions imposed on the Russian economic system, an alternative financial system to the Russian ruble, called the SPF, has emerged. Even if this war ends, the Russians will no longer be willing to use the US-based financial system, and this will be the beginning of the second Cold War period …. Congratulations to those who benefit from this period. But the situation is worse for Germany because 1/4 of Germany’s imported gas is used for basic chemical industries. The chemical industry is the primary basis for the production of products, from automobiles to televisions and even foodstuffs that require chemicals. In a simple example, due to the increase in the price of paper companies in Germany, it has not been able to supply paper production for consumer napkins, and this item has also become an imported item in this country. This is a small example of the effects of the recent crisis. A bit like our country where some sanctions benefit Aside from the oil and gas market, both countries are among the top 7 wheat exporters in the world, which will cause a crisis that will stop wheat exports and increase the price of wheat and bread consumed in the world. So, apart from war and destruction, the recent crisis has other dimensions that we will see in the long run. Now the fundamental question for those of our compatriots who live or have invested in Europe is how to safely get through this inflationary situation in Europe. Given the current situation and the financing of the recent war, governments have blocked the approval of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for legal use, so in the next 1 to 2 years, the trend of increasing the price of cryptocurrencies will grow significantly. . Given that the rivalry between the United States and China as the top two economies in the world has reached the point of the Cold War and now this war has not started cold but burning with Russia, and due to sanctions on Iran, the conditions for using the currency code as a trade base between Countries around the world are increasingly created in such a way that Turkish companies for the first time from the Russian oligarchs in the world below They are under maximum pressure to register the company and transfer the existence of bitcoin as a reference currency. This means that the US sanctions are ineffective and Iran is among the countries that approve these cryptocurrencies, and it is likely that these currencies will be fully approved in Iran in the next few months. You will no longer need any proof of money transfer. With just a few clicks you can transfer a large amount of liquidity. So this potential market is ready to be an alternative to investment, but to start operating you must have complete information to not suffer heavy losses. I hope that no war will be repeated anywhere in the world and that world peace will one day be established on this planet, but until that day our path is separate from governments and decision-makers, so let us try to love each other more, race and nationality and any separation. We crossed out what they thought we were doing and stood in a line next to each other.

Long live freedom and liberty

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