It has been several years since the US imposed sanctions on Iran. A brief look at Iran’s economy shows the sharp inflation and declining national currency. For many years, continuous negotiations for 30 years and the lives of 3 generations of young Iranians are happy with these negotiations with the outside world to achieve a normal life. You may not believe anywhere in the world what Iranian youth are experiencing and you have only been shown an ugly face of Iran and Iranians. An ugly face that is made up of Iranians in all the media of the world, which is against the values ​​and realities of Iran. Iran has always been a country rich in culture and resources, with a very long history but even older than any other country on the planet. The Iranian people are not only kind to their foreign guests, but they are also very willing to communicate with any foreigner. They have no role in their country’s policies and decisions, nor can they change their views and decisions. They live in a country that, in the eyes of the people of the world, is perhaps one of the worst in the world because of your information on social media, and inside they are witnessing more and more poverty and misery. With all the love that people have for their land, they leave this country in groups to pursue their dreams. People whose dreams, like our childhood, may be to own a car or a private home or a decent job. In this country, love has no meaning and no future life because no youth has a future.

Isn’t it time for the world to use social media to connect with the young generation of Iranians and assess whether these people are like the faces that are seen as violent in the Western and Eastern media networks? Is he portrayed or very kind and compassionate?

But apart from any political issue in which I have no expertise, let ‘s talk a little about the Iranian economy.
Iran’s economy has undergone many changes over the past few years. The national currency has fallen to such an extent that the income of the best top managers in the private and public sectors may not be enough for a simple personal life. Just think that the average income in Iran is less than 100 million rials or equivalent to 10 million tomans.
(Toman is the currency of Iran, you have to subtract one zero from the national currency of this country, which is Rials, to become Toman)
Now, considering that today the figure of the dollar in Iran is equal to 300,000 Rials per dollar, with just a simple calculation you can understand that perhaps the best managers, engineers and consultants of this country should have at least 2 months of income to have an income of $ 1,000. That this is at best. At a time when the unemployment rate in this country is very high and most young people are unemployed and have started working in cyberspace in order to have a business for themselves.

But can these young people change that? Do they want nuclear energy?

Let me answer no, more than 80% of Iranians are opposed to any nuclear energy and have seen the negative impact of these decisions by the government on the lives of men, but are not able to change their country. Why they do not have the ability to stay once again, but many wish to experience only one day of your life outside of Iran. The people of poor African countries or the people of North Korea who live under maximum pressure may experience the same situation, but there is always a question in our minds. That humans are not equal on this planet? What is the difference between every person in Asia and Europe or America? Why should some live in poverty and others at least equal their best lives?

Our attitudes over the past 40 years on this planet have exacerbated conflicts and exacerbated regional and international problems. After World War II, lasting peace was supposed to rule this planet, but it did not happen!

It does not matter who’s fault. The important thing is that we live in a period of time in which humanity in all its dimensions is in question and we go about our daily lives.

A human being who uses all the dimensions of the planet for his own comfort even when it has a negative impact on the environment, today the climate problems are the result of our decisions on this planet many years ago. It is true that maybe you or I were not the decision makers, but we have to stand up to these decisions from a point of view. We stand against racism. Faced with anything that questions or threatens humanity on this planet.

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