Iran Economy in 2022 after USA sanctions

It has been several years since the US imposed sanctions on Iran. A brief look at Iran’s economy shows the sharp inflation and declining national currency. For many years, continuous negotiations for 30 years and the lives of 3 generations of young Iranians are happy with these negotiations with the outside world to achieve a […]

International Trade Organization

The International Trade Organization (ITO) was the proposed name for an international institution for the regulation of trade. Led by the United States in collaboration with allies, the effort to form the organization from 1945 to 1948, with the successful passing of the Havana Charter, eventually failed due to lack of approval by the US Congress. Until the creation of the World Trade Organization in […]

What are financing, refinancing and usance?

Usance is a type of letter of credit in which the seller of the goods gives the buyer a period of time to pay the credit in the meantime. In cases where the seller refuses to accept the usufruct transaction, a financial institution or third-party commercial banks often enter into the transaction and pay the […]

Boards and investors disagree on CEO pay

Business Need to grow in 2021 Boards and investors disagree on CEO pay Whether it is anxiety about the economic fallout from the pandemic, or the ongoing national debate over fairness and equality, there remains an abiding focus on executive pay in the UK. Public disagreements on pay between companies and their investors continue to […]