Iran Economy in 2022 after USA sanctions

It has been several years since the US imposed sanctions on Iran. A brief look at Iran’s economy shows the sharp inflation and declining national currency. For many years, continuous negotiations for 30 years and the lives of 3 generations of young Iranians are happy with these negotiations with the outside world to achieve a […]

What’s the effect of Russian – Ukrain War on Europe Economy

War is unacceptable anywhere in the world. Maybe there is no bomb on us today, but seeing motherly cries for a lost child and such scenes shakes our souls. Is the world in the right place? So where in this world is the soul of humanity? Weren’t all this technology and science supposed to be […]

Thirst for living in the Mediterranean for Iranians

Iranians have become record holders of property purchases in Turkey. This can be easily seen from the statistics that are recorded in various statistical authorities of Iran and Turkey. But the roots of this behavior are certainly far more important than what is happening in the outflow of capital from Iran. For many years, the […]

The Iranian negotiations have practically lost their impact

Given that we hear contradictory statements about the outcome of the negotiations and the government seems to have closed the budget based on the non-lifting of sanctions, we want to know your 9 forecasts of the business situation of the private sector and the country’s economy next year and that to improve What solutions do […]